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mac sets makeup How to get discount mac makeup. Mac is a cosmetics company that offers fine makeup products. New Arrival You are a cosmetics wholesaler dealing in variety of personal care items for women. You do not have a store since you do not sell to retail customers but have an office where retailers can visit to pick up goods or sign contracts. Your advantage lies in the extremely low rates you are able to offer due to your business model of mass sales with low margins. However, your biggest disadvantage is that you are located in a relatively small town where the number of cosmetic retailers is not too many and hence you find it hard to grow your business year on year. This strategy will help you realize new markets for your product and help you grow your bottom line exponentially. Who is your customer? Typically your current customer profile is the small or mid-sized retailer who deals in cosmetic and personal care items either exclusively or as a part of a supplementary convenience store business. Since you are located in a small town, it is unlikely that there will be an organic growth in demand for your line of products. Therefore you must look beyond physical boundaries by finding online retailers of your products. buy mac makeup brushes mac sets makeup buy mac makeup brushes

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